Birthday Weekend 2018


On Monday, my birthday weekend celebration came to a close. Hubby had planned a little getaway from Saturday to Monday in downtown Nashville. Thankfully, my sis now lives near us and was able to take the kiddos for the weekend. It was our first weekend getaway since Haley was a baby, and our second date night in the last year...so needless to say, it was much needed! 😃


My birthday was on Saturday and the day started with Hubby and the kiddos waking me up with homemade breakfast and coffee (Jon seriously makes the best pancakes- this time he got the help of Haley to assist). Then we hauled the kiddos off to Auntie's and we headed to our first stop of MANY...our reservation to tour the Belle Meade Plantation and wine tasting at the vineyard.

The mansion was stunning on the inside and grounds were beautiful. Then came one of the best parts...

I just have to say that the wine here is amazing!!! So after we finished at the plantation, we decided to head to Nashvember, an event with music, games, vendors and a LARGE abundance of food trucks!

We look good! 😆

It was in the 30's most of the day so it was a bit chilly!

Since we love different foods, we decided to try a little bit of the different food trucks.

Banh Mi! So yum!!!

  By this time, it was time to check in to the hotel. Where Hubby had some other surprises waiting...

Seriously love this man, ya'll! We did a little relaxing and unwinding until dinner. Dinner was at 5th and Taylor and was delicious.

Bacon-wrapped Quail

After a very filling dinner, we weren't quite ready to head to our dessert location so we decided to enjoy some music and drinks at The Back Corner, which was located next door to the restaurant.

Then it was time for dessert, which was at Tempered Cafe & Chocolate. Which apparently late at night, is less like a cafe and more like a bar. A bar that serves different kinds of Absinthe-based drinks. Good thing we were Ubering. I don't think I had this many cocktails since before kids. 😆

This was the best ending to the best birthday. I would have been so happy if that were it. Although, I won't lie, that whirlpool in-room spa helped make the weekend pretty amazing.


Sunday was also Veteran's Day, so we not only celebrated me, but my awesome hunky veteran husband. We switched our existing plans around since there were so many places, events, and restaurants doing special things for veterans. I would also like to just say that I believe veteran's should be celebrated every single day! Thank you, Veterans!!! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice!

So after breakfast at the hotel, we went to The Hermitage. The historical plantation once owned by Andrew Jackson. That is something that I really love about living in the Nashville area. Not only is it famous for food and music, but there is so much history and beautiful sites to see here.

The gazebo and burial site

Cotton fields

Hiking along the trail

We had a lovely tour of the mansion and explored the grounds. We hiked along the trail and watched a duel reenactment.

It was time to leave and I really wanted to stop by the Nashville City Cemetery. We had driven by it a couple of times and I could see how gorgeous it was. Upon arriving, I learned that it is an actual historic landmark itself, with gravestones from families from the 1820's to present day.

I'm not going to post all off the photos I took here because I plan on doing another post on just this cemetery, but it was incredible to walk through.

So since we had done a lot of walking and it was freezing, it was time to go. We decided to grab a late lunch at Chipotle since we got our meal for free (Thank you, Chipotle for supporting the veterans!), then we headed back to the hotel.

When it came time for dinner, we weren't very hungry because of our late lunch. We decided to grab drinks and an appetizer at Bavarian Bierhaus, because you can get beer the size of your head.

We of course also got dessert...

As amazing as this weekend was, I was really missing my babies! I even missed the homework, the crying, the making lunches (and breakfasts and dinners), the fighting over toys, all of it. The next morning, we had breakfast, grabbed Starbucks and began the trek home to get our little ones. I was sooo excited to be reunited with our babes. This last weekend was exactly what I needed. I am so thankful to my husband for always being such a great support, and the best husband. Thank you for the best birthday ever, love!


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