Valentine's Day 2019

February is one of my favorite months for cooking and baking. I love the months with even the smaller holidays, as you can see from this previous post, since it gives me the perfect excuse for being creative in the kitchen! For me, having a theme to work around while experimenting with food makes it that much more fun. This tradition started as something to do to bond over with my kids. Since my love for cooking started with my family, I wanted to pass that love to my own children. And now that love has grown and it is so amazing to watch. I'll get into that more in another post. For now, just enjoy this recap of these Valentine's-themed desserts I made leading up to the big day of love.

If you would like a specific recipe, feel free to message me.

Homemade chocolate mousse

Texture is important for the perfect mousse!

Assorted chocolates

Devil's food cupcakes with sparkling strawberry frosting

Chocolate-dipped cookies

Chocolate covered strawberries

Of course, I have to include a photo of one of my favorite Valentine's!


She may have grown quite a bit since the last Valentine's post in the link above, but I'm still that cheesy mom that goes all out for the little things! Ha!

Valentine's Day school lunch

Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine's Day! 💕


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