Junior Master Chef

Haley has always taken an interest in cooking with me. She loves watching the kids cooking shows, and is constantly asking to help me in the kitchen. And by asking to help me, I mean begging to let me just let her do her own thing with dinner. While I have let her do most of the cooking before, I have never let her take full control. Such as cutting up the chicken, etc. Because, you know, salmonella. However, after many long conversations about kitchen safety and sanitation, I decided to let her have at it (with full supervision, of course...because, salmonella). She found her own recipe and everything.

Look at those knife skills!

She took it very seriously and did a wonderful job!

In fact, it's probably only a matter of time before she takes over this blog!

Although I may or may not have followed her around the kitchen with a spray bottle. Don't judge me.

This is Haley's 'Garlic Chicken Stir-Fry' and it was delicious! I am so proud of her. Although, because of the amount of times I made her wash her hands and disinfect everything, she said that she never wants to cook with poultry again. Oops.



Chocolate & Peanut Butter Panini

While experimenting in the kitchen, I wanted to try a dessert sandwich type of thing. Thus, the idea of a dessert panini was born. While this sandwich definitely tasted good (doesn't everything with chocolate and peanut butter?), it wasn't really anything super special. It's exactly what it sounds like. Think grilled cheese but sweet...and with no cheese. I definitely enjoyed it (I think it was the texture of the golden crusted bread mixed with the creamy texture of the chocolate and peanut butter) and the kids really enjoyed it. But if you are looking for something fancy, you are definitely on the wrong post. You also definitely don't need a recipe for this.

I used peanut butter chips and milk chocolate chips (I suppose you can always use semisweet chocolate chips, which is what a lot of dessert recipes call for, but it never tastes as good to me). I also used Hawaiian bread that was pre-scliced. Butter one side of bread very well and place on heated grill pan. Top with both the peanut butter and chocolate chips. Butter one side of a second slice of bread and place on top of chocolate, butter side facing up. Cook until bottom slice of bread starts to get golden brown, just like you would with a grilled cheese sandwich, then flip. Cook until other side is also golden brown.

Well, there you go. A super easy "dessert".



Church Necessities

There are some things that are a definite must in our diaper bag when heading to church. Snacks, a notebook, snacks, crayons, and more snacks. Snacks for the one year old and drawing supplies (and also snacks) for the four year old.

See, the trick to keeping them quiet is keeping them busy. And fed. Did I mention how important it is to bring snacks?

Some of our favorites are crackers from Trader Joe's (they have so many good ones and they are usually organic!), dried fruit, and granola bars. My kids are actually pretty happy with anything when it comes to food. Because genetics, probably. Happy Sunday, ya'll!